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Theravent - Snoring Treatment (20pk)

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Theravent have stopped distribution to Australia. 

Theravent Advanced Snore Therapy assures both  user and partner a restful and peaceful night’s sleep.

Theravent Advanced Snore Therapy assures both user and partner a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. Formulated and tested by an accredited professor of medicine in Stanford University, this device has been rigorously tested. The positive result, presented at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies Conference, was published in numerous sleep diagnosis and therapy journals.

Studies indicated that Theravent effectively minimized snoring. Persons with snoring problems were given Theravent for home use. A decibel meter was used to measure the level of snoring with and without Theravent. It was concluded that 8 out of 10 bed partners slept better during the night when the snoring partner used Theravent. Note though that Theravent is not for people diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea. For people with OSA, it is best to consult with a sleep disorder doctor.

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