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Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask - Fisher & Paykel - CPAP Depot

Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask -

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The Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask is designed to perform in tune with you and your needs.

F&P Eson's three key components, the RollFit seal, ErgoFit Headgear and Easy Frame work in harmony. These three key components have been designed to deliver the comfort, seal and easy use that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks are known for.

RollFit Seal: As the name suggests, the onepiece seal ‘rolls’ back and forth on the bridge of the nose to adjust automatically. In doing so, the RollFit Technology reduces pressure on the bridge of the nose. The RollFit Seal incorporates Integrated Stability Panels to enhance sealing performance and stability.

ErgoFit Headgear: This breathable, ergonomically designed headgear has been designed to self-locate high on the rear of the head allowing for head movement (sideways, up and down).

Easy Frame: This low-profile frame is stable, durable and small, and ensures a clear line of sight. The one frame fits all three seal sizes and has an Easy-Clip frame attachment to aid assembly after cleaning. The Easy Frame comes with the Q Cover for quiet use and minimal partner draft. The Ball and Socket Elbow rotates for freedom of movement while reducing drag from the CPAP tube.

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