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CPAP Cleaning Equipment

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Cleaning Your CPAP Device is Essential 

Your CPAP equipment needs to be cleaned regularly for optimal sleep apnea therapy, including the mask, air tubing, and humidifier tubing. In addition, your CPAP device comes apart, so you can separate the parts and clean them piece by piece to ensure everything is clean and ready to be used again. Here at CPAP Depot, we have everything you need to keep your machine clean for a lifetime.

CPAP therapy is a lifelong therapy for sleep apnea that requires you to use your CPAP machine every single night. Because of this constant use, your machine will eventually accumulate bacteria. Removing this build-up is critical to keeping the machine in working order and keeping you healthy! If these bacteria and other contaminants were left in the machine, you could end up breathing them in, which isn't a wise idea for your health. On top of this, if your mask is dirty, it can affect the seal, which could eventually lead to air leaks.

How to Clean Your CPAP Machine

CPAP therapy is a personalised and tailored form of treatment. Therefore, every setup is different. Different machines and accessories will have different cleaning procedures. If you have a question about a specific machine, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly expert team to help you find the right solution. In the meantime, let's go through the basics:


You should use CPAP-specific wipes daily to clean your mask, mask cushions and humidifier tank. We sell wipes both individually or in our essential cleaning kit, which has everything you need to look after your CPAP device. It's a good idea also to wipe down the surface of your machine daily while you are already wiping down the other parts — this ensures that you are removing dust and germs from the surface.


Every week, it's a wise idea to complete a more in-depth clean. This cleaning includes wiping down the mask frame, any headgear or chin straps you may have, and soaking your mask in a CPAP-appropriate cleaning solution. Finally, weekly, you should use a hose-cleaning brush to clean the tubing of your CPAP device.

A Retailer You Can Trust

We have been industry leaders in the sleep apnea and CPAP space at CPAP Depot for years. Which means we have the experience and expertise to answer any of your questions. So whether you have a question about the best CPAP cleaners for your CPAP device, which CPAP mask is best for you or any other continuous positive airway pressure questions — please don't hesitate to reach out!