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Do you have questions about CPAP? Please find below answers to the most frequently asked CPAP questions. If you the answer you are looking for is not here then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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 What if I can't get power or close to a power point?
There are a few options when it comes to powering your CPAP device. Most makes and models can support 12v power with the addition of adaptors or have the ability to be run from a battery source. It's also a good idea when going on holiday to carry a small extension cord as the power points in hotels are not normally close to the beds.
 Can I use my machine Overseas?
Most CPAP machines can be run on universal voltage. I would also advise using a surge protector when overseas. When flying always carry your CPAP machine onboard wth you, most airlines will let you take it without adding to carry on weight as it's medical equipment.
 What If I need to go to Hospital?
You should always advise doctors and anaesthetist that you are using CPAP Therapy. When going to hospital always bring your own CPAP equipment with you as the hospital may not have anything to lend you.
 If I get a cold or flu can I use my CPAP?
Of course you can. It can be hard sometimes if you are using a Nasal or Nasal Pillow mask, the best thing to do if this is the case is use a decongestant spray before going to sleep. Alternatively a lot of patients keep a spare Full Face mask to use in this situation. Always remember when your sick to disinfect your equipment every day to prevent germs.
 If Im having a reaction to my mask, what can I do?
Normally it's because the mask is adjusted too tight on the face, sometimes the headgear might be too tight on one side and be misaligned. Loosen everything off and only tighten the mask as much as is needed to obtain a seal. Try not to put face creams or moisturisers on before using your CPAP mask and always wash your face before bed with a mild soap.
 Can I breathe with my mouth using CPAP?
If you are using a Nasal or Nasal Pillow CPAP mask then you will need to keep your mouth closed. If you feel more comfortable breathing with the mouth then a Full Face mask will be a lot more effective.
 What is difference between CPAP and APAP?
Lots of people get confused with this but the answer is simple, A CPAP machine is a Constant Positive Airway Pressure device, also known as a Fixed Pressure machine. An APAP machine on the other hand is an Automatic Positive Airway Pressure device meaning it will Automatically adjust itself to suit the patients airway and requires less programming and setting up.
 How long does it take to get used to CPAP?
Normally 2-3 weeks is enough time to get used to the machine and mask. At this point most people start to feel the benefits of using the therapy. As with anything though everyone is different and some people will take longer to get used to CPAP, The best thing to do is persist with the therapy and seek clinical help or advice if you need.
 What are the Benefits of CPAP?
Some of the benefits will include, mental well-being, mood elevation, more energy, better sleep, less need for the toilet during the night and looking less rundown. Not everyone will get all of this benefits and some of the biggest improvement from CPAP can't actually be felt. Risk of heart attack and stroke almost half for severe patients and in some cases blood pressure will normalise so much so that patients can be taken off medication.
 Can CPAP help with weight loss?
Suffering from sleep apnea can cause hormonal changes in the body making it more difficult to lose weight and at times easy to gain it. When you start using your CPAP machine the body will begin to regulate hormones properly again and along with increased energy and mood elevation you may notice your weight coming down.
 Will my CPAP ever need adjustment?
Yes it is possible you will require adjustments of pressure settings on your CPAP machine. Most modern machines contain features for keeping information about how well the therapy is working, it's always recommended to get this check once a year either with us or your specialist.
 Do I need to use my CPAP machine forever?
It is possible for some people to come off their CPAP device through lifestyle changes and weight loss however the majority of people diagnosed will need to use the machine forever. If you feel like you have made these lifestyle changes it's still always best to undertake another sleep study before deciding to come off CPAP Therapy.
 Do I need to use my machine every night?
Yes. While symptoms will improve when using CPAP therapy you must always remember that this is a treatment and not a cure. If you stop using the therapy Apnea will return and then symptoms will come back.
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