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CPAP therapy is a lifelong sleep apnea treatment; it's, therefore, essential that you are comfortable with your CPAP mask and accessories. It's also crucial to ensure you are doing everything possible to get the most out of your CPAP therapy. For example, ensuring a good seal on your mask will help you get the desired airflow.

Please browse through our wide selection of CPAP headgear online or call our CPAP specialists. They can answer all your sleep apnea questions and assist you in selecting the right headgear.

Replacement headgear — how often should I replace my headgear?

It's also important to regularly replace your CPAP accessories like your CPAP mask headgear. Headgear is typically worn for about eight hours a night, every night, so it is bound to wear out over time. Your CPAP headgear should be replaced every six months. This is less than your CPAP mask (nasal CPAP mask or face mask), which should be replaced every three months.

So, in addition to your headgear, you should also replace chin straps and humidifiers every six months. Set reminders in your phone to help you keep on top of replacing CPAP accessories.

Sometimes your headgear may last longer or less than the suggested six months. You can look for signs of wear if this is the case. For example, adjusting and tightening your headgear to seal your mask is a sign that you need to replace your headgear.

Which headgear design is best for me?

As with all aspects of CPAP therapy, picking the right headgear is personalised to your needs and comfort. You should wear headgear that fits well, is comfortable, and keeps your mask in place all night long. The headgear for CPAP masks is generally designed to replace the headgear on specific masks. Making it easier to replace every six months. To determine which headgear is compatible with your mask, you must know what model you use.

You should select your CPAP mask before choosing your headgear, as that will determine what headgear you require. We have a guide to help you find the right mask for you, or if you have any questions on mask models and the appropriate headgear, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

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