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CPAP therapy is the most common and effective treatment plan for sleep apnea. Maintaining your CPAP equipment is essential for getting the most out of your treatment and ensuring restful sleep. Using outdated or ineffective CPAP accessories can be detrimental to your sleep therapy.

What parts make up a CPAP machine?

There are three main components of a CPAP machine. The three main components of a CPAP machine are the motor, a CPAP hose and a CPAP mask. However, alongside the main elements of a machine, there are also other CPAP supplies, including filters, humidifiers, diffusers and replacement parts for the main machine.

Why do parts need replacement?

Ensuring you replace the accessories and parts of your CPAP machine before it begins affecting your CPAP therapy is essential. Worn-down and overused parts do not make for the best possible treatment. Some parts may seem more obvious, for example, masks, mask cushions and tubing — replacement is necessary to ensure cleanliness and to remove the build-up of bacteria. Usually, these parts you can visually see need replacing or cleaning. Other parts, however, like the filter, aren't as obvious to the eye. Your CPAP filter, however, does need replacing to ensure effective CPAP therapy. Otherwise, build-up can occur and prevent the effective function of the filter.

How often do parts need replacing?


CPAP filters need replacing on a monthly basis.

Mask cushions or nasal masks

Mask cushions or nasal masks need replacing on a monthly basis.

CPAP tubing

CPAP tubing needs replacing every three months.

Mask frames

Mask frames need to be replaced every three months.


CPAP humidifiers need to be replaced every six months.

Mask headgear and chin straps

Mask headgear and chin straps need to be replaced every six months.

Does insurance cover CPAP accessory replacement?

It is common for Medicare and most private insurers to cover the costs of replacing CPAP mask parts on a scheduled basis. You should ask your insurance provider how often you can replace your CPAP supplies, as this may differ based on your insurer.

Why CPAP Depot?

CPAP Depot has years of experience as an industry leader in the CPAP space. Our friendly team have plenty of experience with all things CPAP therapy and can help ask all of your CPAP equipment questions to ensure you are getting the most out of your treatment.