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We understand how important it is to keep a clean and well-maintained CPAP machine. If a machine breaks down, it can mean the difference between a restful and disturbed night's sleep. Making sure you understand which filter is best suited for your needs and your machine makes maintenance and cleaning much easier.

At CPAP Depot, we provide a wide range of reusable and disposable filters to suit all of the top CPAP machine brands. Remove particulates from the air, keeping your machine clean and your air pure. Whether you need hypoallergenic or standard filters, we have you covered.

Why do I need a CPAP Filter?

To maintain your machine and keep it running in the long run, you need to replace or clean your filter occasionally. Manufacturers provide recommendations on how frequently and most effectively to maintain your CPAP Filters.

CPAP air filters keep the air you breathe, which the machine pumps, free of dust, pollen, and pet dander. By doing this, the filter prevents the CPAP machine from becoming clogged, keeping it operational for longer. As well as this, they provide clean air for you to breathe by filtering the room's air, giving you a healthier night's sleep.

Disposable Vs. Reusable Filters: What's the difference?

Your machine will require either a disposable CPAP filter or a reusable filter. A disposable filter is made from a relatively inexpensive material such as paper and is designed only to be used temporarily. At most, a disposable filter should be used for 30 days or when you notice visible residue or dust on the filter itself.

Reusable filters, however, are designed to be used for prolonged periods of up to 6 months and are made from more durable material such as foam. This allows them to be washed regularly and reused. Because of the difference in material, disposable filters can be more effective at filtering out smaller particles, while non-disposable CPAP filters are more likely to catch larger particles such as hair and pet dander.

FAQs About CPAP Filters

How often should I replace my filters?

You should replace your filter based on your manufacturer's recommendations. Each manufacturer will provide a manual on properly maintaining, cleaning, and caring for your machine to ensure its longevity. However, on average, disposable CPAP machine filters should be replaced every month.

Can I use any type of filter with my CPAP machine?

No. It is important you use a filter that is made to fit your particular machine. All manufacturers provide replacement CPAP filters for their machines to maximise the efficiency of the filter and the machine itself. If you are unsure what filter to use, speak to one of our sleep experts, and we can help you to find the right fit for your machine.

Do hypoallergenic filters work better for allergies?

Some CPAP machines can be fitted with hypoallergenic filters. If your CPAP unit manufacturer provides hypoallergenic filters, you can use this filter type to filter out smaller particulates such as pollen. If you experience hay fever or allergies, consider investing in a hypoallergenic filter.

Can I wash my disposable filter?

No, you should not wash your disposable filter. This is because they are made of paper and not designed to be washed. Instead, use a reusable filter or purchase a replacement filter for your machine.

Find the Right Filter At CPAP Depot

CPAP Depot is the leading CPAP machine and accessory provider in Brisbane. We stock a wide range of CPAP filters, both reusable and disposable. Select from Australia's most trusted providers of PAP therapy products.

Browse our range of hypoallergenic, standard, reusable and disposable filters. Or, if you need assistance, speak to one of our friendly sleep experts.