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CPAP Nasal Masks & Nose Cushion

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The key to continued compliance with CPAP sleep apnea therapy is comfort. It’s important to continue CPAP therapy every night, so finding the right machine and accessories for you is paramount. There are many different styles of mask available, and finding the style that best suits you will ensure you can get the most from your CPAP therapy.

We have a comprehensive range of CPAP nasal masks from leading brands including Fisher & Paykel, Philips, ResMed and more.

What Are Nasal Masks?

Usually a triangular shape, a nasal CPAP mask sits around the wearer's nose and allows air to flow through the mask. Headgear (usually a stretchy strap) holds the mask in place throughout the night.

Benefits of Nasal Masks

Nasal masks are used for sleep apnea sufferers that predominantly breathe through their nose throughout the night. Nasal masks offer a good seal, so you shouldn’t experience air leakage even if you sleep on your side.

Nasal masks are comfortable, and generally well tolerated as nothing is inserted into the nose. They are much less intrusive than a full face mask, which are traditionally bulkier and cover the nose and mouth. Many CPAP users prefer nasal masks due to their smaller size, with a reduced chance of feeling claustrophobic. The airflow provided through the nasal mask can feel more natural than airflow provided straight to the mouth in a full face mask.

Who Shouldn’t Use a Nasal Mask?

If you are a mouth breather, a nasal mask may not be right for you - or you could try a chin strap, which keeps your mouth closed throughout the night. If you suffer from sinus blockage or allergies, airflow provided directly into your nose through a nasal mask may exacerbate these issues.

If you have a lot of facial hair, you may struggle to get a good seal around your nasal mask, or you may need to readjust the mask to fit. Some people with facial hair find larger masks (such as full face masks) offer a better fit and seal.

If a nasal mask isn’t right for you, don’t worry. We also have a huge range of full face masks and nasal pillow masks available.

We Can Help!

Here at CPAP Depot, we know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. We pride ourselves on our superior knowledge and service when it comes to all things CPAP. Browse our extensive range of CPAP masks online, or reach out to us to find out more.