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CPAP therapy is a lifelong treatment for sleep apnea. Sometimes CPAP therapy can take a while for some CPAP users to get used to. Finding a comfortable CPAP solution is essential. This will help ensure you can continue to get a good night's sleep with your CPAP machine night after night.

One way to help CPAP users to have a more comfortable night's sleep is to add a CPAP pillow to their CPAP setup (or, even better, a memory foam pillow for the ultimate CPAP experience).

A CPAP Pillow — What is it?

A CPAP pillow, available at CPAP Depot, is designed to provide additional comfort and support throughout the night to promote a deeper, more restful sleep.

In addition to keeping your face mask in place throughout the night, a CPAP pillow supports your spine and neck while you sleep. This is because it moulds to the shape of your body. Although CPAP pillows vary in design, most feature a cut-out or curve, which allows users to lie on their side while wearing a nasal or full-face mask. Sleeping in these positions while wearing these more intensive CPAP masks would otherwise be impossible, so a CPAP pillow is a worthwhile investment for a deep restful sleep.

Why do You Need a CPAP Pillow?

Sometimes, the discomfort of using your CPAP equipment comes down to how you position yourself with your mask on. Simply adding a CPAP pillow to the mix can help eliminate the restrictive feeling of discomfort. When you don't have the right pillow, CPAP therapy can make it difficult to get into a comfortable position, drift off to sleep, and stay asleep. 

CPAP pillows are designed to help you wake up feeling more comfortable, without soreness or red lines on your face from your mask digging into you. CPAP pillows also help to ensure your seal stays in place throughout the night. Previous to CPAP pillows, users who required a full-face mask  had a very difficult time sleeping on their side; the curve in the CPAP pillow removes this difficulty and makes side-sleeping an option again.

Some CPAP pillows, including our rest memory foam CPAP pillow, now offer aromatherapy to make your CPAP experience more enjoyable. For example, the cooling gel absorbs moisture and reduces perspiration, making the experience more comfortable. 

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If you are looking for a comfortable solution for your CPAP therapy, check our range here at CPAP Depot and find the perfect solution for your setup. No matter what CPAP mask or CPAP machine you use, we can help you to find the best CPAP pillows and other comfortable accessories to ensure your sleep apnea therapy is more comfortable.