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Despite CPAP therapy being the most widely used and effective treatment for sleep apnea, it isn't one size fits all. CPAP users often have their own unique requirements to get the most out of CPAP therapy. Depending on the size of your face, if you have facial hair, which position you sleep in, and lifestyle factors such as weight or smoking habits — there will be different modifications to your CPAP machine to best suit you.

CPAP accessories assist the CPAP machine in being as effective as possible and ensuring you get the most from your CPAP therapy.

What Are The Essential CPAP Accessories?


A CPAP filter acts to purify the air your CPAP machine pulls from the air around you before it reaches your lungs. The filter ensures dust, mould, pet hair, and other contaminants and allergens don't enter your lungs via your CPAP machine while you sleep.

Replacement rate: Filters need replacing every two weeks


Humidifiers for CPAP machines release moisture from a small tank of distilled water into the air you breathe. As a result, you will be more comfortable during CPAP therapy.

Replacement rate: Humidifiers need replacing every six months

For Your Cleanliness: Hose Brush or a Maintenance Pack That Includes a Hose Brush

By keeping your CPAP hose clean, you prevent the hose from growing mould or bacteria, and you decrease the risk of catching a sinus infection or catching a respiratory infection. Of course, it also means that your CPAP machine will provide the most effective therapy when everything is maintained and kept in clean, working condition.

Cleaning rate: It's recommended to clean the hose at least once a week.

For your comfort:

Here at CPAP Depot, we stock a wide range of CPAP accessories to help keep you comfortable while you use CPAP therapy. Some of the available CPAP equipment includes tubing wrap, CPAP mask cushions such as nasal pillow mask options and headgear to help keep your CPAP masks in place.

For Your Security

We also stock multiple technologies and charging options; as a CPAP specialist company, we know that although, for the most part, you will be using your sleep apnea machines while plugged into the wall, life happens. So while we do have the option of travel CPAP machines, sometimes plans are spontaneous, and you want to avoid getting caught out of a good night's rest due to not being organised on a minute's notice. For that reason, we stock different charging options, including car chargers and battery power stations.