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A European Industry Leader

In 2017 the SEFAM Starck CPAP device was developed by Philippe Starck in collaboration with scientific advisers from SEFAM. Founded in 1982, Sefam Medical is an industry leader in CPAP devices within the European market.

French designer Philippe Starck has used his award-winning design abilities to design CPAP machines that combine functionality with style. Within Starck's design portfolio, you can find a wide range of areas such as interior design, architecture, household objects, furniture, hotels and even boats and other vehicles. It's no surprise that the sleek design of the Starck CPAP machine differentiates itself from a typical CPAP design with a tech-forward and modern aesthetic. The machine has been crafted to easily blend in with your existing home and not to stand out like a sore thumb as a prominent medical device. The boxy and simplistic design aids in this easy incorporation of a starck product into your home.

The Starck CPAP device has only recently been released to the Australian market, ready for you to make the most of this offering. So get your hands on a state-of-the-art designer CPAP machine and experience a better night's sleep in style.

Starck's offering with CPAP Depot 

Here at CPAP Depot, we offer Starck automatic CPAP machines both individually (with a humidifier) or within a package which includes a heated hose and face mask. The Starck CPAP machine offers an automatic setting (automatic positive airway pressure or APAP). The automatic setting uses a monitoring system that picks up on cues from your breathing patterns while you sleep and adjusts the pressure of the air accordingly. This automatic setting can be more comfortable and intuitive for many CPAP users. 

The Starck CPAP machine also offers a ramp function which means the machine will gradually up the pressure once you are asleep. This ramp function allows you to fall asleep more comfortably without being overwhelmed by the intensity of the air pressure while you try to count sheep and doze off.

How to get started 

If you are looking to take the next steps for your health and well-being and improve your sleep, you are in the right place. With CPAP Depot, we know that getting a good night's sleep depends on finding the right treatment to suit your individualised needs. No two sleep apnea cases are the same, and personalised treatment is essential for your health and comfort. With years of experience as an industry leader, our team of sleep experts are here to help you make the next step.

If it's your first time trying CPAP therapy, get in touch with our friendly team, and we can help you discover the best sleep apnea treatment for you. You can call us on 1300 613 999 with any of your pressing questions or queries. Alternatively, feel free to pop into one of our physical stores because sometimes a personal touch matters and talking things through in person can make things easier when it comes to your health (and sleep!).

If you have had an uncomfortable experience with CPAP therapy in the past, don't give up! In our years of experience, we have seen many sleep apnea patients with a previous bad experience with CPAP have a new outlook after finding the right tailored treatment for their needs.

Wherever you are in your CPAP journey, Starck is a brand you can trust to help you get a better night's sleep in no time.