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Sleep Test - CPAP Group - CPAP Depot
Sleep Test - CPAP Group - CPAP Depot
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One Sleep Test - At Home Testing -

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At Home Sleep Test


At Home, simple testing, now available, please call us on 1300 613 999 to organise your test.


The At Home Sleep test is a simple and effective way to check if you have sleep apnea.

    Uncomplicated on the finger test without the need for doctor referral. That’s right, the device sits on your fingertip. No messy wires or restrictive equipment.

    TGA Approved device with results reported on by a qualified Sleep & Respiratory Physician without incurring the expense of a specialist consultation. Testing over 3 nights provides high result accuracy.

    Don’t be held back by appointment wait times to see a doctor or a testbed availability. With our test, no appointments are necessary.
    With simple at home testing and sleep results sent directly to you. 
    Fast track your diagnosis and be closer to feeling better.

    With the convenience and privacy of at home testing, you can rest assured of a diagnosis based on your regular sleep. No discomfort from sleeping in a hospital bed all wired up.

    No doctor fees or out of pocket insurance costs.

The test kit includes:

  1. The At Home test sensor and finger wraps.

  2. A unique activation code to access the companion app. 
  3. A detailed sleep report by a qualified Sleep & Respiratory Physician and follow up call with a trained sleep coach who will discuss your results with you.

How does the sleep test work?

  1. Once you have purchased your test follow the instructions to download the companion app to your smartphone.

  2. When you’re ready for bed, open the app and follow the simple instructions for how to attach the sensor to your finger and record your sleep.

  3. Use your test for three nights. A qualified Sleep & Respiratory Physician will look at your results and email you a personalised sleep report within 3-5 working days.

  4. Book your sleep coach phone consult (included in test cost) to discuss your results and what to do next.
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