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CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks

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CPAP therapy is a lifelong treatment for sleep apnea sufferers. Due to CPAP therapy being an ongoing treatment, it's essential that CPAP users have a comfortable setup that they can rely on, night after night. An important aspect of successful CPAP therapy is having a mask you are comfortable with. Having the right mask ensures that your CPAP therapy is as accurate as possible. In addition, having the right mask with a good seal ensures that your machine isn't leaking air.

There are three main types of CPAP masks available to patients. One of those masks is the nasal pillow mask. There are also two other main types of CPAP masks: the full-face mask and the nasal mask.

What is a nasal pillow mask?

A nasal pillow mask rest's on the CPAP user's nostril entrance, sending continuous airflow directly into the nose. CPAP nasal masks are adjustable, and different cushion options can be added depending on your preferences.

Who is a nasal pillow mask most suitable for?

A nasal pillow mask is a more minimalist design, so it's great for those who may have had difficulty adjusting to a full-face mask, suffer from claustrophobia or just prefer a less-intrusive design. A nasal pillow mask is also suitable for CPAP users who tend to predominantly breathe through their nose. It is also wise to use a nasal pillow mask for those with thick facial hair since a full face mask could result in air leakage. Nasal pillow masks are also great for side sleepers. Finally, nasal pillow masks are great for restless sleepers as they stay in place despite tossing and turning.

Who is a nasal pillow mask not suited for?

Nasal pillow masks are not the best choice for a mouth breather. Unless you wear an accompanying chin strap to keep your mouth closed, you may not be able to benefit from a nasal pillow mask if you are predominantly a mouth breather.

Secondly, nasal pillow masks are not the most suitable option for those that require a higher level of air pressure. The high-pressure setting directly into the nose can be uncomfortable for some users.

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